Getting Started: Remesh Live

Learn the basics of Remesh Live which allows you to collect and analyze data in real time, using AI to unlock rich, scalable insights.


In this guide, we will walk through the basics of how to get started with Remesh. Remesh is an an AI-powered insights platform helping the world's most innovative brands unlock rich, scalable insights in record time. If you have never interacted with the Remesh platform before, it may be helpful to review a demo video of our platform. We have a video specific to Employee Research and one specific to Market Research. 

Remesh has two product offerings: Live and Flex. In this guide we will be covering how to get started with our Live offering, if you'd like to get started with our Flex offering, click here.

Included in This Article

  1. Logging In
  2. Building Your Conversation
  3. Moderating your Conversation
  4. Post Conversation Analysis
  5. Next Steps
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Logging In

You can log in to the platform here. We recommend bookmarking this link so you can easily come back to it!

Note: If you have not yet received an email invitation to create your Remesh account, please reach out to your Workspace Administrator for access. If your organization does not yet have Remesh access, please get in touch!

Building Your Conversation

Building a conversation in Remesh is like setting your foundation. It allows you to customize the participant experience and outline questions that you think you would like to ask during your Conversation so you are well prepared to moderate. Watch the following video to learn more about how to create your conversation and program your discussion guide in the platform. 

Conversation Building Best Practices:

  • You can create your Billable Conversation at any time and continue coming back to make edits over time. As you edit your conversation, the participant link will not change.
  • You can create as many Non-billable Conversations as you'd like to practice the functionality outlined in the video above.
  • For first time users who have Large Language Model features enabled, we recommend using our Word Upload feature which allows you to program an outline of a discussion guide and our platform translates this into Remesh format.
  • As you are developing your discussion guide, keep in mind that each question will be assigned an amount of time that participants will be allotted to complete the question. Developing your Discussion Guide is very time-based as a result and we recommend deciding on your allotted amount of time for your Live Conversation then pre-programming about 80% of that time and leaving the remaining 20% for live probing.

Additional Resources:

Moderating Your Conversation

Live Conversations require a Moderator to send questions to participants and allows you to Analyze in real time. On the day of your Conversation you can access the Moderator space by clicking the Live button on your Conversation. Moderate a Live Conversation 1 Read more about how to moderate your Conversation!

Moderation Best practices: 

  • We recommend practicing Moderation either by accessing our in-platform Simulation ( → Getting Started → Practice) or Practice using an example discussion guide or practice Moderation with your own discussion guide.
  • Remember that you can use AutoSend throughout your Conversation if you need to step away, multitask, or if you simply would like a break from actively Moderating!

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Step 3: Post Conversation Analysis

Before digging into analysis, we recommend taking a look through an overview of Remesh's metrics which provides descriptions of our key metrics and how we recommend using them in your analysis. Once you have ended your Conversation, you will immediately have access to a variety of Analysis tools. Below are a few we recommend getting started with.

Analysis Best Practices

  • If you'd like to capture additional data asynchronously following your Remesh Live, you can reopen your Live conversation as a Flex conversation. This will allow you to continue capturing feedback, while combining the data from your Live and Flex Conversations all in one place.

Additional Resources:

Next Steps

With these resources at your disposal, you're well on your way to orchestrating impactful discussions and extracting meaningful insights! If you have not already, we recommend creating your first Conversation, accessing a moderator simulation then feel free to reach out to our team if you have questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up for a Remesh account?
    To gain access to a Remesh account, you will need to be invited by an existing Workspace Administrator. Please reach out to your Workspace Administrator to receive an invitation to create your account. If your organization does not yet have Remesh access, please get in touch!
  • I think I already have an account, but I don't remember my password. What should I do?
    You can find information about how to reset your password here.