Conversation Checklist

Want to make sure your Remesh Conversation is set up properly before the start time? Check the following so you're as prepared as can be.

check mark supported languages Tech Considerations

To ensure that anyone within your organization who will need to access the conversation can do so easily, we recommend reviewing these technical considerations.

check mark supported languages Onboarding Polls

Make sure you’ve created the Onboarding Polls you want participants to respond to. Remember that these polls are mandatory for participants, and are often used to create segments that are used to cut the data in the analysis.

check mark supported languages Maximum Number of Participants

Check the Maximum Number of Participants on the Schedule page is set to an appropriate number. Read more about the Maximum Number of Participants here.

check mark supported languages ​​​​​​​​Quotas

You can set Quotas to get as close as possible to your desired audience, make sure these are set to your liking before your Conversation starts.

check mark supported languages Observer Links

Create and share Observer Links for anyone you would like to be able to view the conversation without being able to make changes using these instructions.

check mark supported languages Discussion Guide

Confirm your discussion guide is programmed to your liking. Discussion Guides can continue to be edited after publishing a Live conversation, and certain edits can be made after publishing for a Flex conversation.

check mark supported languages Recruiting Participants

If you are recruiting your own participants to join the conversation, make sure that you’ve distributed the participant link on the Audience page, provided instructions, and set expectations for when you’d like participants to join. If you will be tracking participants, please reference this article for additional information. If you are not recruiting your own participants, you can ignore this step! 

check mark supported languages Practice Moderation

If you are conducting a Live Conversation, we recommend practicing moderation before your event. You can do this with your own discussion guide using our Practice and Simulation feature or using a premade discussion guide using our the simulations under Help Center -> Getting Started.

check mark supported languages Publish Conversation

Publishing your conversation allows participants to access the conversation and locks in certain details. Be sure to check the onboarding polls, basic details, schedule, and quotas before publishing. We recommend publishing no less than 30 minutes before the conversation starts. You are able to Unpublish your conversation up to 15 minutes before the start time to make changes. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Once your Remesh Conversation has been finalized and published click the Live button on the left-hand side of your screen to moderate your Live conversation or to monitor your Flex conversation.