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Profanity Filter and Flagging & Muting Participants


The Profanity Filter is a preventative measure that blocks participants from submitting profane language. Flagging and muting a participant will remove their responses from the conversation.

Included in this Article

  1. Profanity Filter
  2. Flagging & Muting Participants

Profanity Filter

Enables you to prevent users from submitting responses that contain profane language. The filter will be automatically set to default when you create a new Conversation. To enable or disable the profanity filter, simply go to the Audience section within a Conversation.

Profanity Filter and Flagging & Muting Participants 1

Users who attempt to submit profane language in a response will be prompted with the error message "please remove profanity." Once they remove the profanity, the user will be able to submit their response.

Profanity Filter and Flagging & Muting Participants 2

Flagging & Muting Participants

As a Moderator or Collaborator, you can flag and mute participants during a live Conversation. You can mute a participant from an Ask Opinion question in the Highlights, Common Topics, and in the analyze side panel.

Profanity Filter and Flagging & Muting Participants 3

When you select to flag a response, you will be prompted to confirm your choice. Once the participant is flagged, they will still be able to participate in the Conversation and will not be notified. However, their responses will not be shown in the Conversation, to other participants or in the post session analysis space.

Profanity Filter and Flagging & Muting Participants 4 Once a participant is flagged and muted, it cannot be undone.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I customize the words that are blocked by the profanity filter?
    No, this is not customizable at this time.
  • Can I see which participants were muted?
    If you are utilizing Unique Links, you can see which participants were muted in the Participant Data CSV.
  • Does muting a participant remove all their responses?
    Muting a participant removes their responses from the question in which you muted them and beyond in the conversation.
  • Will the profanity filter work on all languages?
    Currently, our profanity filter only works for English Conversations.