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Reopen: Convert a completed Live Conversation to a Flex


Need to connect with additional participants after your Live conversation has ended? Reopen the conversation as a Flex conversation and continue capturing actionable audience feedback. The Flex conversation will be seeded with response data captured in Live. 

Included in this Article

  1. How it Works
  2. Analyzing and Exporting Data
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works

  1. Once your Live conversation has ended, locate the conversation tile on your team page. Hover over the conversation tile, right click and select Reopen
    Reopen a completed Live conversation as a Flex 1
  2. A modal will appear, asking you to confirm.
    Reopen a completed Live conversation as a Flex 2
  3. The Flex conversation will open up. You can now start updating basic conversation information and adding the scheduling details.
  4. Next, make necessary changes to the discussion guide, create custom segments, and adding your quotas.
  5. When you’re ready, publish the conversation. Note that the participant link will be the same for the Reopened Flex as it was for the Live.
Analyzing and Exporting Data 

Once you've reopened your Live Conversation as a Flex, you will lose access to the Post Session analysis tab until the Flex conversation has ended. You will be able to analyze your Flex conversation while it is collecting responses.

If you’re interested in analyzing the data captured in the Live conversation separately, we recommend exporting the Topline report, CSV files, and custom graphs from the Analysis page before reopening it as a Flex. Once you reopen the conversation, the response data from the Live and Flex will be combined and treated as one conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the maximum number of participants in a reopened Flex conversation?
    The maximum number of participants is 5000, the number of participants who completed the Live conversation will be counted towards that maximum.
  • Can I make changes to a conversation after it has been reopened?
    When you reopen a Flex, you can add, delete, or edit existing messages. However, there are a couple of exceptions:
    • If a poll is connected to a quota, you can edit the poll question, but you cannot edit the poll options.
    • If a poll is connected to a Branch Ask, you can edit the poll question, but you cannot edit the poll options.
    • Users cannot add or edit Branch Asks.