How to Run a Practice or Demo Session


Experience your Conversation end-to-end ahead of the event or quickly conduct a demo of the Remesh platform! 

Included in this article:

  1. How it works
  2. Starting a Simulation
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

After accessing your Conversation, you will see either Practice or Simulate at the top right of your screen.

How to Run a Practice or Demo Session1

Simulate allows you to conduct a Practice or Demo session that includes up to 25 simulated responses. This feature requires Generative AI (LLM) features to be enabled. If LLM Features are not enabled, you will see Practice. This article will predominantly focus on Simulation, but check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn about the differences between Simulate and Practice.

During a Simulation, you have access to the full functionality of the platform. You can have up to 25 Participants and 5 Collaborators in the session. If you choose to turn on the “Simulated Responses” feature, Remesh will use Generative AI to create an additional 25 responses for each question sent in the Simulation. That means you can have up to 25 real responses and 25 simulated responses, for a potential total of 50 responses. This allows participants to engage with simulated responses and better understand how Remesh works and allows moderators to gather a larger set of example data without needing a larger group of people.

Starting a Simulation

You can start a Simulation directly from the Conversation you’d like to preview. Here's how it works:

  • Create a new Conversation or open a Conversation that has not been started yet
  • Create some questions in your Discussion Guide (if you haven’t already)How to Run a Practice or Demo Session2
  • Click on the Simulation button in the top right corner
    How to Run a Practice or Demo Session3

  • Toggle “Simulated Responses” to ON if you wish for the Simulation to include Generative AI responses
  • Select New Simulation from the dropdown

    How to Run a Practice or Demo Session4
  • If a Simulation is already happening, you’ll see the Moderator and Participant links. You have the option of accessing the ongoing Simulation or ending it and starting a new one. 
    How to Run a Practice or Demo Session5

  • Set a Target Audience for your simulated responses (optional). You can choose up to five defining criteria from the following categories: General Demographics, Industry & Occupation, Personal Finance, Relationships & Family, Spending, Technology, Hobbies & Interests, and Behavioral Health.
    How to Run a Practice or Demo Session6

While you can only have one concurrent Simulation for a specific Conversation, you can run as many consecutive Simulations as you need. 

If you accidentally close out the Simulation, you can always re-open it. You will join precisely where you left off.

When you create a new Simulation, it will contain your Discussion Guide in its current form. If you make changes to your Discussion Guide after the Simulation is created, those changes will not be reflected in the Simulation.

Edits made during the Simulation will not be saved to the original Conversation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I see Simulated responses? 
    A workspace administrator needs to have opted in to Generative AI (LLM) features. You can find instructions here.

  • What happens if my organization does not have Generative AI (LLM) features enabled?
    If you do not have LLM features enabled, you can still use our Practice feature for practicing and demoing a conversation. Instead of seeing "Simulate" at the top right of your screen you will see "Practice." Practice will not include simulated responses and can only support up to 25 participants, whereas Simulate can support up to 25 participants and 25 simulated responses. If you are utilizing the Practice feature, you will follow all of the instructions above in Starting a Simulation the only difference is you will not set demographics for your audience and not see simulated responses throughout your demo.
  • What kind of responses are generated for each question sent in the Simulation?
    Remesh leverages Generative AI to produce responses to each question. Because of this, Simulations should be used for practice/demo purposes only.
  • How many responses are generated for each question?
    Remesh generates 25 simulated responses for each open-ended question sent in the Simulation and generates 25 randomized responses for each close-ended question.
  • Can I control or guide the simulated responses generated for each question?
    Yes! If simulated responses are enabled, you can input up to 5 Target Audience criteria — age, gender, income, etc. The simulated responses will be generated based on these criteria, giving you a more realistic preview of your Conversation.
  • Do Simulations affect Quota Caps?
    Simulations do not affect Quota Caps or Quota Targets set. Simulations generate responses, but do not generate participants.
    For example, if you establish an onboarding poll and quota cap that only allows 5 participants to the Conversation, you’ll still get 25 generated responses for each question.
  • What languages are supported for the Simulation?
    All Simulated Responses will be generated in English.
  • Is this feature available for Flex Conversations and Live Conversations?
    Yes, this feature is available for both!