Participant Experience


Participants access a Remesh conversation via a link found on the Audience page of your Conversation. This article focuses on the Remesh Live experience.

Included in this Article

  1. How it Works
  2. Flex Conversations
  3. Best Practices
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

Once Participants click a link for a published Live Conversation, they will first see a welcome screen. If it is more than 7 minutes before the start time, they will see a welcome screen letting them know to return 7 minutes before the start time.

Participant Experience1

When it’s 7 minutes or less before the start of the conversation, participants will be able to complete the onboarding poll questions. 

Participant Experience2 

The participants will then see a few terms and agreements, and the moderator has the option to program an introduction message which would appear before they complete onboarding polls. From there, participants will complete onboarding polls then enter a "waiting room" until the start time which can be seen below.
Participant Experience 3 Participant Experience 4


The Join Conversation button will turn blue when the timer runs out (seen on the right) indicating the start of the conversation, at which point participants can click to join. Participants will see an automated message, seen below.

Participant Experience 5

Once the moderator begins sending messages and questions, the automated message will disappear. Messages from the moderator will appear on the left and participants responses on the right.

Participant Experience 6

Participants can also click "See More" on many questions to see an overview of participant responses. Though Participants can look at a subset of the responses after voting, they are not able to do any analysis on the data.Participant Experience 7

Flex Conversations

Participants will follow a similar flow to the one above except they will see a message on the welcome screen letting them know approximately how much time they should set aside to complete the conversation and they will not see a countdown in the "Waiting Room" they will immediately be able to join the conversation.

Best Practices

To get a preview of what your Conversation and Discussion Guide will look like from the participant perspective, we recommend checking out our Practice and Demo feature!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if a Participant accesses a Conversation that has not yet been published?
    They will see the following message
    Participant Experience 8
  • What happens if a participant attempts to enter the conversation and the maximum number of participants has been reached or they do not fulfill Quota requirements?
    They will see the following message
    Participant Experience 9