Cookie Consent


Moderators, Observers & Participants are prompted to Accept or Decline the use of cookies and can change their settings at any time.

Included in this Article

  1. Participant View
  2. Moderator & Observer View
  3. Making Updates to Cookies Settings
  4. Frequently Asked Questions 

Participant View

Cookie Consent 1

Cookies 2

Moderator & Observer View

Cookie Consent 3

Making Updates to Cookie Settings

Participants can update their cookie settings by clicking on the menu icon on the top-left corner and turning the cookies toggle On/Off.

Cookie Consent 4
Moderators and Observers can update their cookie settings by navigating to Account Settings -> Privacy, turning the cookies toggle On/Off and clicking Save.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do we use cookies on the platform?
    Cookies help us improve the user and Participant experience. We do not use cookies on the platform for advertisements or any other marketing purpose. We also do not use cookies to collect any personal information.
  • What happens if a user or participant does not agree to the use of cookies?
    Users and Participants will continue to have access to the platform.
  • Do you have to consent to the cookie policy every time?
    No. Users and Participants will be prompted to consent to the cookie policy only once and can change their support at any time.