Question Type: Onboarding Polls


Create Onboarding Polls to capture audience demographic information. Onboarding Polls are mandatory polls automatically sent to participants before they being the Conversation and do not count towards your total estimated time.

How it Works

  1. Click the Build icon tiny image 1
  2. Click Discussion Guide
  3. Under "Onboarding Polls", click + Add Onboarding Poll
    support doc - autosegment #2

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will participants still complete Onboarding Polls if they're late to a Live conversation?
  • Can I edit Onboarding Polls while my Conversation is capturing data?
    For Live Conversations, Onboarding Polls cannot be edited after Publishing. For Flex conversations, you can make limited edits while the Conversation is collecting data.
  • How many Onboarding Polls should I ask?
    We recommend no more than 10.
  • Do I need to ask demographic questions if I already asked them in my screener?
    Remesh does not house screener data, for ease of analysis we recommend asking important demographic questions in your Onboarding Polls.
  • Are Onboarding Polls required?
    Onboarding Polls are not required to start your Remesh Conversation, but adding some will allow you to create Segments to slice the data based on how the participants answer these questions.

    If you do program Onboarding Polls, participants will be required to respond to onboarding questions before joining the Conversation. If you ask any Onboarding Polls that may be sensitive, you can always include a "Prefer not to say" option.