Conversation Schedule


On the Schedule page, you can set the date, time, and a maximum number of participants for your conversation.

Included in this Article

    1. Billable vs Non-Billable
    2. Max Number of Participants
    3. Planned Duration
    4. Date
    5. Start Time
    6. End Time

    Billable vs Non-Billable

    From this page, you can adjust your conversation from Billable to Non-Billable. You can read more about what Billable and Non-Billable mean here.

    Max Number of Participants

    This will set the maximum number of participants able to join the Conversation. Participants enter the conversation on a first come first serve basis. Once this maximum number has been reached, other participants will be turned away from the Conversation. If you have specific quotas you would like to take into account for your Live conversation, you may be interested in setting up Quota Targeting.

    • If you are using Remesh services for recruitment, this number will be 110% of your purchased sample size to account for a 10% buffer (so if n=100, the max cap should be 110.)"

    This number cannot be adjusted once a Live conversation is published, but it can be adjusted once a Flex conversation is published.​​​​​​​

    Planned Duration (Live Only)

    Your planned duration for a Live session will dictate the pacing guide, indicating to the moderator if they are ahead or behind schedule based upon how much content is planned in the Discussion Guide. Your Live conversation has a one hour grace period after the scheduled end time, after which the conversation will automatically end.


    This is the date you plan to begin engaging with participants and collecting data.

    Start Time

    This is the time you intend to begin collecting responses from participants.

    End Time (Flex Only)

    The end time of a Live conversation will be dictated by the Planned duration, for Flex conversations you will in put the time you would like the Flex conversation to close. You can adjust this time while the Flex conversation is collecting responses but once the Flex has ended the end date cannot be adjusted.

    The date, time, and the maximum number of participants fields are required to be filled out before you can run your session. You will have the ability to edit this information up until the Conversation has been published, and changing this information will not change the participant link.

    The date and time will automatically be converted and shown to participants in their local time zone.