In-Platform Discussion Guide Builder


The in-platform discussion guide builder allows you to quickly create a discussion guide right in the platform. Creating a discussion guide allows you to select and send out pre-programmed content to the group as you moderate a Live session. In a Flex session, your discussion guide contains the questions your participants will answer at their own pace. 

How it Works

There are five ways to program a Remesh Discussion Guide:

  1. In-Platform Discussion Guide Builder
  2. Premade or Custom Templates
  3. Uploading an Excel or Word Document File
  4. Paste in Text
  5. Duplicate, Translate or Import an Existing Discussion Guide

In this article, we'll focus on the in-platform Discussion Guide Builder. We recommend using this method if you are only conducting one Remesh Conversation or if you are programming a first Conversation that you intend to duplicate.

Included in this Article:

  1. Using the Discussion Guide Builder
  2. Sections
  3. Estimated Time
  4. Optional Messages
  5. Bulk Action
  6. Saving
  7. Importing and Discussion Guide Templates

Using the Discussion Guide Builder

  • Navigate to your conversation, then click “Discussion Guide” on the left hand side. To start building your Discussion Guide, simply click the blue + to add and edit content. 

  • After clicking the blue + you will be prompted to select your content and adjust question settings. Your options will be Ask Opinion, Ask Experience, Poll, Rank, Speak, Image and Video. You can read more about Remesh’s available question types here


Organize your discussion guide into sections to make it easier to manage and edit your conversation. 

  • Create a new section by clicking “Add Section.” 

  • Adjust the name of the section by clicking the section name and access section settings by clicking the three dots. 

  • Within settings, you can change the color of each section to help keep you organized as well as duplicate, rearrange and delete sections.

How to program your Discussion Guide 1

How to program your Discussion Guide 2

How to program your Discussion Guide 3

Estimated Time

  • Remesh Live conversations will require that you assign an amount of time to each programmed question, which is how long will be allotted for participants to engage with each. Each question will default to our suggested question time duration upon being selected, but we recommend adjusting this based upon your needs. 

    • Note, assigning times does not apply to Remesh Flex conversations, as the conversation is completed at the participants’ own pace.

  • The total estimated time is found below the Edit/Review buttons. In addition to the overall conversation time estimate clicking the timer will display a break down of total time estimate and item count by message type. If utilizing sections, each section will also show its own estimated time for that section.

  • Estimated time for Remesh Live conversations is based upon the amount of time assigned to each question. Estimated time for Remesh Flex conversations is based upon an average of how long it takes participants to complete that question type at their own pace.

  • For Live conversations, we recommend pre-programming about 85% of your total allotted time for the session, for example 51 minutes of pre-programmed content for a 60 minute session. The remaining time allows you the flexibility to add probing questions and make adjustments while moderating.

Optional Messages

  • Set any item as optional if you're unsure that you will want to send it during the Live conversation. 

    • Please note optional messages are excluded from the overall conversation time estimate and are skipped when using AutoSend during moderation.

How to program your Discussion Guide 4

Bulk Action

  • Select multiple discussion guide messages at a time to make large-scale edits, including Duplicate, Move, Set as Optional, or Delete. 

How to program your Discussion Guide 5


  • After making changes to an item, clicking anywhere else on the page will autosave the edits made. Please note that you are unable to recover previous versions of your Discussion Guide once it is saved.

Importing and Discussion Guide Templates

Select "Import" to view additional options for programming your discussion guide.


Add comments directly to individual discussion guide items by hovering over the item and selecting the comment icon. Comments will appear on the right hand side.

Any one who has the following user permissions will be able to create and respond to comments: workspace administrator, team admin (in which the conversation is contained), team member (in which the conversation is contained), collaborators.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the participants navigate to a link or video outside of Remesh?

    Yes, you are able to navigate participants to webpages outside of Remesh by including a link through a Speak. However, we recommend keeping as much of the conversation as possible within Remesh in order to provide a seamless experience.

    You are able to embed both videos and images within the Remesh Conversation by selecting image or video in the Discussion Guide.

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