Tracking Individual Participants


To keep track of participants you can generate a CSV file with unique participant links that will become active once you Publish the conversation.

Included in this Article

  1. Generating Unique Links
  2. How to Use Unique Participant Links
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Generating Unique Links

Unique Links can be easily done in the platform by navigating to the Audience tab of your conversation, selecting "Unique Participant Links" and downloading the csv file.

  1. Navigate to the Audience page and select the Distribute tab.
  2. Once the Unique Participant Links has been selected, the platform will auto-populate the number of unique link based on the Max Number of Participants added to the Schedule page.
    Please note, you have the option to select if multiple devices can access a single link by clicking the checkbox below. Leaving this box unchecked would block participants from completing the session on multiple devices.
    Tracking Individual Participants 1
  3. When you’re ready, click Download File to receive a CSV with your unique participant links.
  4. After downloading your file, you will see a list of links that should look like:
Tracking Individual Participants 2

How to Use Unique Participant Links

  1. You or your recruitment partner can assign each link to a participant and send them to your audience.
  2. When a participant clicks their unique link, it will pass through the Unique ID, seen after the ?pid=
  3. When the session has ended, the Participant Data CSV can be downloaded which will show a list of IDs who participated and the percentage of questions they answered.
    Tracking Individual Participants 3
  4. You can then cross-reference this with the list of Unique IDs assigned to each participant.

We do not collect personal information like name or email address, so the Participant Profile file on its own will not reveal the identities of participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between unique links and single links?
    Using unique links allow you to track participants, while using a single link would be completely anonymized. There is not a way to track participants who accessed the platform via a single link.
  • Can I change the participant link for a conversation?
    Each conversation's participant links are specific to that conversation and cannot be changed.
  • Is there a way for two conversations to have the same link?
    While there is not a way for two conversations to have the same link, you can reopen a live conversation as a Flex conversation, which would keep the same link. Learn more about reopen here!
  • If I forgot to send participants unique links, is there any way to recover participant information?
    We do not have a way to track participants without using unique links. You may be able to determine participant identity from click through rates if you have access to that information, or you can recontact participants and confirm their attendance.