Setting up a Flex Conversation


The Remesh Flex experience solves the problem of getting all participants to access at the same time. Moderators can host a more flexible conversation that can take place over days rather than hours. Up to 5000 participants can join a Flex conversation. 

Creating a Remesh Flex conversation is almost identical to setting up a Remesh Live experience. We’ll walk you through some of the new and different features available to you during a Flex conversation.

Included in this Article:

  1. Creating a Flex conversation
  2. Running a Flex conversation
  3. Flex Specific Features

Creating a Flex conversation:

  • Click the + icon in the upper right corner and select Flex.
  • You can read more about creating a conversation here.
  • Basic Details & Schedule:
    • Fill out your conversation’s Basic Details. This includes your conversation’s title, language, moderator information, and an introduction message for your participants.
    • Next, in the Schedule tab, set the number of participants, start date, start time, end date, and end time for your conversation. We recommend that you schedule the session for at least several days - you can always end early. 
  • Discussion Guide: 
    • In Flex conversations, you can program Onboarding Logic that allow you to trigger specific actions based upon how participants respond to onboarding polls.
  • Publish & Unpublish:
    • Once everything is complete, you can Publish your conversation, please note that once a conversation is published, changes cannot be made to the discussion guide. 
    • You'll be able to Unpublish a Flex conversation, up until 15 minutes before a conversation is scheduled to start.

Running a Flex Conversation

  • Instead of manually sending question after question, Remesh Flex will allow participants to self-progress through the conversation. 
  • Please note that ad-hoc questions are not available in Flex. Once the discussion guide is built and the conversation is running, users cannot make amendments. However, users are able to create new messages, archive existing messages, and edit existing messages. Learn more on In-Flight Edits for Remesh Flex here
  • Throughout the Flex experience, you will be able to monitor your audience quotas and completions on the Summary Page
  • At any point, once the conversation has started, you can end the conversation early. Once ended, a Flex conversation cannot be re-started. If you do not manually end the conversation, it will automatically end at your inputted end date and time.

Flex Specific Features

  • Onboarding Logic allows you to trigger specific actions based upon how participants respond to onboarding polls.
  • Display Logic allows you the ability to randomize sections of your conversation to help reduce order bias. 
    • After creating sections in your discussion guide, click on Display Logic located on the left side of navigation.
      Setting up a Flex Conversation 1
    • Here you will see all of your sections. Click Add Randomization Group 
      Setting up a Flex Conversation 2
    • Select the sections that you would like to be rearranged. Choose from Rotate or Random and then click Save Group 
      Setting up a Flex Conversation 3
  • Quota Capping ensures you get the mix of participants you want by admitting participants based on their responses to a single select onboarding poll.
    • After adding onboarding questions to your discussion guide, click on Quota Capping located on the left side of navigation.
      Setting up a Flex Conversation 4
    • Select the onboarding polls that you would like to set quotas to and fill out your desired audience range. 
      Setting up a Flex Conversation 5
    • Remesh will only let participants into your study if they match your desired quota criteria.
  • Summary Page in Flex allows you to view data on termination logic, quotas, and questions while the Flex conversation is running. Learn more about Summary Page in Flex here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Remesh save a participant's progress if they leave and return to a Flex conversation?
    If a Participant returns to a Flex participant link within 24 hours in the same browser, their progress will be saved. After 24 hours if they return to the link in the same browser, they will start again at the beginning but their responses will still be captured.