What's new on Remesh?

If it's been some time since you've used Remesh or you're just looking to stay up to date on Remesh's newest features this document provides an overview of our latest features. Explore the highlights from our recent updates below.

Upload Existing Participant Data

Now you can track participants using unique participant links as well as upload additional participant data that was collected outside the Remesh platform! You can then use this uploaded existing participant data to create Segments and analyze your data. We most often see this utilized as a way to incorporate screener data into the platform, thus eliminating the need to ask Onboarding Polls that have already been asked in the screener phase of your research.

External Data Import

You can easily import survey data collected outside of Remesh and analyze using Remesh's suite of analysis tools, merge with Remesh Conversation data or continue gathering data within Remesh. More information can be found here.

Discussion Guide Auto Translation

Enhance global collaboration and broaden the reach of your studies by translating your Remesh discussion guide into the language of your choice with just a few clicks. More information can be found here.


Quickly and effortlessly generate initial summaries from your Remesh Conversation. Summarize is a new feature that leverages a large language model (LLM) from OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT. The LLM technology is used to power a new approach to qualitative analysis and enhance the Remesh experience. More information can be found here.


Auto Code uses Generative AI to automatically tag or code your open-ended responses. These tags are organized by category, allowing you to quickly visualize your data. See the big picture, or filter by tags to dig into deeper analysis. More information can be found here.

Poll Enhancements

Multi Select Poll Limit

You now have the ability to control the number of options participants can choose in your polls! This feature provides you with more focused and manageable responses ensuring precision in your data collection.

Other to Open End

If you program "other" in poll settings, participants will now be prompted to share additional information, allowing you to gather more targeted insights.
More information about poll enhancements can be found here.