Upload Participant Data


Uploading Participant Data will allow you to both track participants using unique participant links as well as upload additional participant data that was collected outside the Remesh platform. You can then use this uploaded existing participant data to create Segments and analyze your data. We recommend using this method if you are conducting research on Remesh and would like to pair external poll data with each participant. For example, if you've collected screener data and would like to upload that data rather than asking it again in the Remesh platform. Using this method, you can track participants using their assigned participant identifier to see how much of the Conversation they have completed and how they’ve responded to questions. 

How it Works

  1. Navigate to your Conversation Build space and select the Audience tab on the left hand side.
  2. Select Upload Existing Participant Data, input the number of unique links you would like to download and click “Download Template” 
  3. Your template will contain the following columns. 
    1. Optional Contact Information: You can use this to make note of names or email addresses for each participant. This information will not be uploaded into Remesh.
    2. Unique Link: These are the links you will send to each participant. Keep in mind one link should be sent to each individual in order to successfully track participants.
    3. Participant Identifier: This is the unique identifier that is assigned to each participant and is appended at the end of each link. This value can be changed if you choose and will be imported into Remesh.
    4. Columns D on:
      1. Single Select Poll: Input your questions in row 4 with one question per column
      2. Multi-Select Poll: Input your questions in row 4, repeating the question in this row for each poll option available. Then input the responses each participant provided below the questions.
    5. A completed template might look like the following:
  4. Return to the platform and click “Upload File” then select your template.
  5. Questions input into the template will appear as Onboarding Polls in the platform, and as participants access the Conversation using their unique links, these polls will automatically populate for the moderator and observers but will not be visible to participants.
  6. Once the Conversation has ended, you can export a Participant Data CSV which will contain the unique identifiers and how much each of those participants completed in the Conversation.