Stimuli Best Practices


Learn about how to upload stimuli into the platform as well as best practices for images and videos.

Included in this Article

  1. Best Practices
  2. Uploading Stimuli
  3. Sending Images
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Best Practices 

This document contains a great deal of information regarding stimuli best practices and how to ensure your media is in the best format for the Remesh platform. Read on for additional information regarding uploading and sending images!

Uploading Stimuli

  • Select and upload your media file to the platformStimuli Best Practices 1
  • Once uploaded, an image cropping modal will openStimuli Best Practices 2
  • Edit the image accordingly.Stimuli Best Practices 3
  • Once you finish editing, you can preview how the image will appear on the platform.Stimuli Best Practices 4

Sending Images

Images will be shown to participants as a separate interaction and will appear as a stand-alone picture. Participants will be able to click on images to view them at their full size.

From a pixel/dimension standpoint, the standard in-line image max width is 762 pixels. The height will scale based on the aspect ratio of the user’s browser settings and screen display. The zoomed-in view max width is 485 pixels. Horizontal images are a max height of 1,000 pixel. Images need to be in jpeg, gif, or png format and have a 100mb size limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a participant view images/videos in full screen?
    Yes, participants can click (or pinch-to-zoom on their phones) to enlarge images and videos and view them in full screen.
  • Can the participants navigate to a link or video outside of Remesh?

    Yes, you are able to navigate participants to webpages outside of Remesh by including a link through a Speak. However, we recommend keeping as much of the conversation as possible within Remesh in order to provide a seamless experience.

    You are able to embed both videos and images within the Remesh Conversation by selecting image or video in the Discussion Guide.