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How can I export the data?


You can export your data in a variety of ways after your Remesh conversation has ended.

Included in this Article

  1. How it Works
  2. Conversation Data CSV
  3. Participant Data CSV
  4. Topline PowerPoint
  5. Analysis Results Exports

How it Works

  1. Click Export Data at the top right of the Live or Analysis page.
  1. Select the type of data that you would like to export: Participant Data CSV, Conversation Data CSV, or Conversation Topline PowerPoint.

If you click Export Data while a Conversation is still collecting responses, you will download partial data and the Topline PowerPoint export will not be available.

Conversation Data CSV

The Conversation Data CSVs contain every response to every question asked during the Conversation. You have the option to export two different types of files:

  1. Sorted by Participant - this file is formatted to show participant-level data, so that each row is a different participant that entered the Conversation. Each column will contain a different question with the answers included in the rows underneath, and for Ask Opinion questions we show the % agree score for 'All'
    How can I export 1
  2. Sorted by Questions - this file is formatted to show Segment-level data. Each row contains a different response to a question from the Conversation, and the columns will show how each Segment voted on each response
    Export Data 2

Participant Data CSV

The Participant Data CSV contains participant IDs and the percentage of questions that each participant responded to. This file will be most useful if you need to track participation rates in order to determine who should receive incentives for their participation. 

Topline PowerPoint

The Topline PowerPoint automatically generates slides for each question that you can use and adjust to your liking. Read more about the Topline PowerPoint here!

Analysis Results Exports

You can also download a variety of exports from the Analysis Results page including word clouds, charts and additional CSV files. Find out more here!