Managing Your Remesh Workspace


A Workspace is the broadest access level within Remesh, within your Workspace you will find Teams and within Teams will be your Remesh Conversations. A Workspace Administrator has a number of tools and settings at their disposal for managing their Workspace, Teams, Conversations and users. Please note that these settings are only available to Workspace Administrators. If you are not a Workspace Administrator and think you should be, please reach out to another Administrator on your team to grant access.

Included in this Article

  1. How It Works
  2. Teams
  3. Users
  4. Activity
  5. Generative AI

How it Works

As a Workspace Administrator you can manage Workspace Settings by logging into the Remesh platform and clicking Workspace Settings on the left hand side.

Managing Your Workspace-How it works


By selecting Teams, you can view all the Teams in your workspace. Here you can create new Teams, add and remove Team Members and adjust permissions. If you need to add new users to the platform, this is a good place to do so. Once you click the plus button, and you enter the new users email address they will receive an automated invitation email inviting them to create their Remesh login.

Managing Your Workspace-Teams


Selecting Users will allow you to see all users that have access to your Workspace and their permission settings. Read more about what user permissions enable here.

Managing Your Workspace-users


Here, you can find your Activity Dashboard which provides an overview of usage in your Workspace. You can track how many Conversations have been completed, how many participants completed and more. You can read more about the Activity Dashboard here

Generative AI

Generative AI allows you to enable Generative AI or Large Language Model features and determine which Teams should have access to these features. Read more about Generative AI enablement here!

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