Flex + Recruit

This feature currently requires the Remesh team to turn on access for your workspace. If you have a current Remesh subscription, please reach out to your account team to learn more about gaining access. If you do not currently have an active Remesh subscription please get in touch!


Recruit and incentivize a targeted audience for your Remesh Flex Conversation all without leaving the platform. Tailor your recruitment criteria to your needs and budget, program your discussion guide and Remesh will provide high quality sample for your project allowing you to unlock rich insights faster than ever.

Included in this Article

  • How it Works
  • Remesh Recruit
  • Additional settings
  • Launching Your Conversation
  • Monitoring Your Conversation
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

Getting started with Flex + Recruit looks almost identical to getting started with a Flex Conversation. Click the blue plus button at the top right, select Flex + Recruit and start programming your Basic Details.

You can create your discussion guide in any of the available ways below. If you are a new user, we recommend the Word Document file method which is an easy way to convert your outline into a Remesh Conversation.

  1. In-Platform Discussion Guide Builder
  2. Premade or Custom Templates
  3. Uploading an Excel or Word Document File
  4. Paste in Text
  5. Duplicate, Translate or Import an Existing Discussion Guide

Please note that Onboarding Polls will be automatically generated based upon your recruitment criteria selected in the Remesh Recruit section, but you’re welcome to program additional Onboarding Polls as well.

Remesh Recruit

After completing your discussion guide, you can designate your recruitment criteria. As you adjust the fields listed below, your Recruit Cost Estimate and Cost Per Complete will automatically adjust based on the criteria.

  • Number of Completes: the number of Participants you want to take part in your Conversation.
  • Completion Time: this is an automated estimate based upon your programmed discussion guide.
  • Audience Criteria: Here you can select from a list of demographic criteria that you would like your audience to meet. You can either browse our list of categories or use the search bar to search all attributes.
    • The “Participants active in past 90 days” field will automatically populate based upon your criteria. We recommend that this number is at least 10x your “Number of Completes” for best feasibility. 

Once you’ve adjusted these fields, review the Recruit Cost Estimate then click Confirm Your Recruit Order to proceed with ordering your recruit.

Your Conversation will not be ready to begin collecting responses until you click Launch, but we recommend reviewing the following settings before launching your Conversation.

Additional Settings

  • Display Logic: Utilize Display Logic to randomize sections of your discussion guide to decrease order bias.
  • Segments: Segments allow you to cut your data as you analyze based upon polls asked in your Remesh Conversation. You can create Segments before, during or after your Conversation, but we recommend programming a few Segments before Launching your Conversation.

Launching Your Conversation

Once you’re ready to begin collecting responses from participants, click the Launch button at the top right of your screen to Launch your Conversation and begin collecting Data!

Monitoring Your Conversation

Once your Conversation has launched, you can begin monitoring recruitment progress and data collected on the Summary and Live pages as well as download in progress CSV data outputs. Your Conversation will end automatically after one week but you have the option to end it early if you’d like. Once your Conversation has ended you will have full access to all your data using our Post Conversation Analysis tools!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don’t I see Flex + Recruit in my workspace?
    This feature currently requires the Remesh team to turn on access for your workspace. If you have a current Remesh subscription, please reach out to your account team to learn more about gaining access. If you do not currently have a Remesh subscription please get in touch!
  • In what markets can you currently recruit using this feature?
    US and UK
  • What are the available audience criteria?
    We have dozens of audience criteria available which you can find more details about here.
  • How long does it take to fully recruit a Remesh Recruit Conversation?
    Most Remesh Recruit projects are completed within 1 week, and often they will only take 2-3 business days. If there are any issues or concerns with your Remesh Recruit, we'll reach out to you within 24 hours of when you Launch the Conversation.