Add collaborators when you want to share one conversation with a user, but not other conversations within your workspace. Collaborators are able to edit discussion guides and conversation settings, moderator or monitor data and access the post session analysis space. 

Included in this Article

  1. Collaborator Permissions
  2. Adding Collaborators
  3. Accessing Collaborator Conversations
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Collaborator Permissions

Collaborators can:

  • Edit a conversation including discussion guide and any settings within the build space
  • Publish and Unpublish conversations
  • Moderate Live conversations and monitor Flex conversations
  • Analyze data in the Post-Session Analysis space

Collaborators cannot:

  • Create new conversations
  • See other conversations in your team/workspace

You can view all user permission levels here.

Adding Collaborators

  1. Navigate to the conversation you'd like to share
  2. Click the Share icon at the top right of your page.
  3. Enter the email addresses you would like to add as collaborators and click Send Invite
  4. Collaborators will be sent an invitation email

Accessing Collaborator Conversations

To access conversations that you have been added to as a collaborator:

  1. Log into the platform and access My Conversations
  2. Select the Location drop down and select Shared with Me

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people can collaborate on a conversation?
    There is a maximum of 25 observers and collaborators that can join while a conversation is live. If the 25-person cap has been reached and an additional Observer/Collaborator tries to join a live conversation, they will receive a message saying that the conversation is at capacity and they won’t be able to join. After the conversation is over, there is no limit to the number of Observers/Collaborators that can access the session. You can read more about Observers here!