Accessibility Best Practices for Moderators on Remesh


At Remesh, we want to ensure that all our participants have a great experience using the platform. So we put together this set of recommendations on how to account for participants with disabilities while running a Remesh conversation. Please visit our Accessibility Statement to view all of Remesh's accessibility features

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Participant Instructions

We recommend providing detailed instructions at the beginning of the conversation to inform the participants about what they should expect during the conversation. Items to cover in your instructions:

  1. How does responding and voting in an open-ended question work and how much time will participants have to complete the question
  2. How does responding to a poll work
  3. Send multiple demo questions at the beginning as a warm-up so every participant can get a feel for the mechanics of the conversation
  4. Make sure to always check in with your participants on how the pace of the conversation is and if they need anything adjusted


We recommend increasing the duration of each question type to the following:

  • Polls should be at least 30 seconds but preferably longer
  • Ask Opinions should be at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds
    • NOTE: Participants have the first 80% of the Ask Opinion time to respond. If they don't respond in that time, their responses will be automatically submitted. Then the participants will move into voting exercises.
  • Ask Experience questions should be at least 1 minute and 30 seconds

Ensuring each participant has enough time to complete each question is critical to allowing everyone's voice to be heard.


Remesh supports alternative text to your uploaded images. Simply add your text to the type field above the space where you upload an image. There is a 125-character limit for alternative text. 

Accessibility Best Practices for Moderators on Remesh 1


You can add closed captioning to your videos using a WebVTT file. You can find instructions for adding this file here.

Helpful Browser Extensions