What is a Workspace?


A Workspace is the broadest access level within Remesh. Workspaces contain Teams, and those Teams will have Remesh Conversations within them.

What is a Workspace

Often, an organization will have a single Workspace and then create multiple Teams within the Workspace. However, some organizations may have separate Workspaces for various geographies, lines of business, etc.

Colleagues that have been added to a Workspace are not necessarily part of the teams within that Workspace, and would need to be added to Teams as well to access Remesh Conversations. If you have been added to multiple teams, you will be able to toggle between them by clicking the name of your Workspace at the top right of your dashboard, allowing you to select a different workspace.

Managing Workspace Settings

You can adjust your Workspace Settings as a Workspace Administrator. These settings would be found under Workspace Settings on the left hand panel of your dashboard.

What is a Workspace?