Ask more impactful open-ended questions


Access the richest insights from the Remesh platform. Qualitative data is powerful, and Remesh has the unique ability to provide you with qualitative data at a quantitative scale for richer, data-driven insights. 

While building your Discussion Guide, Guide Help brings clarity to the various Remesh question types, how to best use them, and what the experience looks like for the moderator, the participant, and the analyst. As you write your Discussion Guide, you’ll see real-time suggestions to help optimize your results. Use Guide Help and Suggestions to build the best Remesh Discussion Guide that will yield actionable insights to help you make more confident business decisions. 

Included in this Article:

  1. How it Works
  2. Frequently Asked Questions

How it works: 

At any time in the Discussion Guide Builder,  you can get assistance through Guide Help and Suggestions.

1. Understand Question Types

After clicking “Guide Help,” you’ll see informative descriptions of the different question types and how to most effectively use them to ensure you’re uncovering the most valuable insights from your audience.

Ask more impactful open-ended questions 1

2. Walkthrough the Experience

Clicking the “Learn More” links under the “Guide Help” descriptions will take you through a walkthrough of what each question type is and does — and what it looks like from the moderator’s side, the participant’s side, and the analyst’s side.

Ask more impactful open-ended questions 2

Get Suggestions for Writing Open-ended Questions:

If you have Generative AI features enabled, you’ll see suggestions as you write open-ended questions in your Discussion Guide to help optimize and strengthen your questions. These suggestions are generated based on best practices and Remesh platform-specific capabilities.

Ask more impactful open-ended questions 3

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don’t I see suggestions while I’m writing questions?
    In order to use this feature, a Workspace Admin must grant access. There the admin can enable all Generative AI features.
  • What kinds of Suggestions can I expect to get while writing my Discussion Guide?
    Your Suggestions can take a variety of forms. Primarily they will focus on improving the structure and language of your questions so that each question is likely to elicit high-quality, verbose, and detailed responses from your Participants. Note: You’ll only receive Suggestions for open-ended questions (Ask Opinion, Ask Experience, and Branch Ask).