Question Type: Ranking

How it Works

Build your Ranking question in the discussion guide or ad-hoc during a live conversation. First, select Rank as a question type. Then type your question, options, and set time duration. You can add a minimum of three options to be ranked by your audience. As you add ranking options, the Remesh platform may recommend you give participants extra time to respond. You can accept or dismiss this recommendation

Ranking questions offer three different data points:

  • Absolute Rank - Position in the list: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
  • Average Rank - Used to sort the list and determine an option's absolute rank position.
  • Ranking Distribution - The number of participants that ranked each option in each position. Used to calculate the Average Rank.

Click here to learn how Remesh calculates the weighted score for a Rank question. Use the Analyze tab to dive in further and view how different segments responded.

Question Type- Ranking1

Participant Experience

When asked a Ranking question, users simply click the option's box to rank each item. Participants can click on a ranked option to clear out the answer.

Exporting Ranking Data

PowerPoint Slides

When you export the PowerPoint topline report, each Ranking question will have a summary slide with Absolute Rank, Average Rank, and Ranking Distribution.

Question Type- Ranking2


Conversation Data: Each Ranking question is sorted by question ID. The Ranking options are listed in rows, with the distribution of rankings for all participants and average rankings across all segments

Participant Data: Rank number and the question are brought together to show how each participant ranked each option.