Observe a Conversation


As a Remesh Conversation observer, you’ll be able to watch the Conversation, as well as collaborate with your team. During the Remesh Conversation, you’ll see a few views that will help you better understand the data in real-time. 

Accessing as an Observer

  1. Open the Observer link that was shared with you
  2. Enter your professional/company email address
  3. With a Remesh account you will be directed to log in and then you can observe the Conversation. Without a Remesh account, you will be sent an email to sign up for a Remesh account.Once you complete the sign up process you will be able to observe the Conversation.

Analyzing as you Observe

Once logged in, if the conversation has not started yet, you will see a screen that is largely blank. Once the Conversation start time passes, information will populate on the screen like the example below.

Observing a Conversation 1

Moderator messages and questions will appear on the right and participant responses on the left. Each question will have an "Analyze" button beneath it where you can analyze the questions using Segments set by the moderator, which allow you to cut the data based upon audience demographics.

Ask Opinion Questions

This question type is unique to Remesh and is one of our most utilized! Ask Opinion questions ask participants to respond to a question in their own words, then complete a series of voting exercises. Our algorithm uses the voting data to generate a series of analytics.
Observing a Conversation 2

Observing a Conversation 3

Ask Experience Questions

Observing a Conversation 4


The Backroom lets users save key responses and collaborate while a Conversation is collecting responses and after a Conversation ends.

Observing a Conversation 5

As an observer, you will not be able to make any changes or affect the Conversation in any way so please feel free to click and explore! Keep in mind, you'll be able to access the Observer link after the Conversation has stopped collecting responses and utilize the same functionality.

The above is in reference to Live Conversations. While you can Observe a Remesh Flex Conversation, you will only see a preview of the above until the Conversation has stopped collecting responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't access the observer link! What should I do?
    First, check your spam inbox then check that you are using your professional email to access Remesh. Your professional email domain is what will be used to verify that you should have access. If you still can't access, get in touch with the team that shared your Observer link with you.
  • What if I'm observing a Conversation that is not in my native language?
    We recommend using Google Chrome and installing the Google Translate plugin. Note that this plugin is not expressly supported by our platform, so you may occasionally need to refresh your screen if you experience unexpected behavior.